I’m watching a meaningless game on TV between the Washington Nationals and the San Francisco Giants. The Nats are playing alot of their youngsters, namely 20 year old rookie Ryan Zimmerman and 32 year old rookie Rick Short. The long and the short (no pun intended) of it just combined on back to back doubles to knock Giant starter Brett Tomko out of the game. Well anyway the announcers keep talking about Rick Short. Turns out the Elgin, IL native attended Western Illinois University and got his first call up to the show this season, he cried when told he was being called up. Short batted .383, with 35 doubles, 11 HRs, walked 46 times, while only striking out 27 times while playing this year for the New Orleans Zephyrs.

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  1. hmmmmmmmmmm……
    been very, very quiet on the western front of Soxdom. Even tho I am a Cubs fan, I for one do not want the Sox to have a monumental collapse, as I travel the world over & a lot of people that I have repeat contact with, know I am from Chicago, & I do not want to hear the abuse. Teddy I have not yet heard what is your opinion? Talk to me dude. Are we hiding from the truth? The Sox have played above their game?

  2. WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN ABOUT??? I know being a Cub fan doesn’t mean you know anything at all about baseball, but the White Sox (with 8 games to go) have the 2nd best record in baseball. Surely they haven’t played their best lately, but this wouldn’t even be a concern if the Cleveland Indians weren’t playing out of their butts (winning 17 of 19 to close the gap).

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