Will Curve’s promo ‘suit’ the fans?

The Pirates’ AA affiliate Altoona (PA) Curve are having a rather unusual promo night on July 2nd. 

Salute to Frivolous Lawsuit Night. 

It’s reportedly inspired by an Los Angeles Angels fan who has filed a lawsuit simply because he didn’t receive a nylon tote bag as part of the Mother’s Day promotion. 

According to the Altoona Curve website, promotions at the Salute to Frivolous Lawsuit Night include:

  • A Pink Tote Bag Giveaway to the first 137 men in attendance ages 18 and over
  • The first 137 women 18 and over will receive lukewarm coffee so they will not burn themselves
  • The first 137 kids will be given a beach ball with a warning not to ingest it
  • Angels merchandise and novelty items given away throughout the game honoring some of history’s “Most Frivolous Lawsuits” during the game


The Curve General Manager appears to have a sense of humor. “We realize that these giveaways as part of our Salute to Frivolous Lawsuit Night are fairly stupid and serve no real purpose,” said Curve General Manager Todd Parnell. “But if our fans don’t like them, then they can sue us!”

The Curve team management must have a field day with PR.

All kidding aside, my bet is that this kind of stuff really appeals to the fans.  I’ve always felt that the minors had it above the majors when it comes to public relations, promotions and just plain showing the folks a good time.  The MLB clubs could learn a lot from the minor league organization in this area and to be honest they have been taking their ideas and trying to incorporate them, sometimes successfully, sometimes not.



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2 Responses to “Will Curve’s promo ‘suit’ the fans?”

  1. Funny, though another sign of ignorance when they’re clearly using the coffee suit against McDonalds from several years back. If they or anyone who brings up that lawsuit actually read the facts in the case, they’d see that the suit was NOT frivolous.

  2. I’ve read details of the lawsuit you refer to, DC. and I agree, once you hear the details, it’s not so cut and dry. The elderly woman received extensive injuries b/c of the coffee which was heated at very hot temperatures (hotter than necessary for a good cup of coffee).
    Point well taken..

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