Wrecking ball meets Busch

Another baseball mecca has met its doom.  On Monday, the demolition of Busch Stadium has begun. 

Whenever anything like this happens, I cringe.  I think of the history, the memories that go with it.  I think of Ebbets Field which now just has a plaque where it once stood.  I think of Wrigley Field and one day when politicians and corporate executives who will eventually see it as out of date and schedule it for the same fate as Busch.

But surprisingly, I hear a different tune from at least some die-hard Cardinal fans.  They say the park is falling apart.  They say that it’s difficult to get a good view of the game.  They say the amenities are lacking. 

So do I cry a tear for Busch Stadium?  Well, yes.  I do.  I’ve been to Busch more than any stadium other than Wrigley.  Despite the complaints from the ungrateful Cardinal fans (just kidding, guys, I love ya) I had a great time. 

But progress is progress, I guess.  Do it right the first time though.

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One Response to “Wrecking ball meets Busch”

  1. Never had any real attachment to Busch, but always sad to see a ballpark go. The exception to that rule would be the Vet in Philadelphia, that stadium was a mess! Ron Jaworski’s Holiday Inn next door isn’t much better. Interestingly enough Old Tiger Stadium is still standing in Detroit, kinda blends in with the rest of the city (falling apart). They were thinking of having last year’s Home Run Derby there, which would have been cool, but probably a nightmare for the TV people & reporters chasing back & forth.

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