Yanks raise their standards a little… Acquire Shawn Chacon

A day after the Yanks signed Hideo Nomo and his 7.24 ERA, they showed they were a little more serious about making a run for it by trading for Shawn Chacon. 

That’s more like it.

I’m no Yankee fan but I know a good decision from a bad one.  And this one is… well, it’s better than Nomo.

Admittedly, Chacon has had a rough year and half.  Last year, he had a 7.11 ERA and 9 blown saves in relief.  This year, as a starter, his record is 1-7.  And he does have control issues.  36 BB in 73 2/3 innings. 

All that said, just two years ago he went 11-8 with the Rockies so he’s capable of putting it together.  And this year, he has gotten his ERA down to 4.09 in Colorado.  Youth is on his side.  He’s still only 27. 

Chacon will start on Saturday against the Angels.



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