Baseball Zealot Radio chats with Shawn Roof, Illini shortstop

Shawn Roof

In the dugout, Illini shortstop Shawn Roof can never stop talking. Fortunately for us, the same was true when Baseball Zealot Radio interviewed him for our latest show. Shawn had plenty to say.

Shawn talked about the Illini’s chances for 2007 and what it was like growing up around ballplayers as the son of professional baseball coach Gene Roof. He talked about his hopes and aspirations for Illini and beyond.

By the way, the family involvement doesn’t stop with him and his father, either. Well, there’s his uncle Phil Roof. But you would have guessed that. He has two brothers as well though. One plays for Michigan State and the other just signed a letter of intent with Michigan State as well. I’m definitely not missing THAT series.

Check out the show. It’s a good one. Todd and I yak a bit about Matsuzaka and the Pirates for the first half then we get down to business with the interview of Shawn.

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