Bonadonna, Wikoff star in Illini drubbing of Western Illinois

Joe Bonadonna and Brandon Wikoff combined to go 9 for 10 in University of Illinois’ 10-2 win over Western Illinois University.  Bonadonna scored 4 times in the leadoff role.  Wikoff drove in four and scored twice.

Starter Nick Chmielewski pitched a solid game allowing two runs in five frames.  The Illinois bullpen was stellar with Wes Braun, Lee Zerrusen, Ben Reeser pitching four scoreless innings allowing only three hits.

I got a chance to meet Chmielewski’s father, Chris, who was down from Chicago to watch Nick pitch.  I was happy to hear that he has seen The Baseball Zealot already.  Also met Robin who has been an Illini baseball supporter for over 15 years.  Robin recognized my name from my bits on Eric Loy’s show on WDWS.

I took a few photos.  Here they are.

Personal note: It was rough evening.  First, I got to the game to the game late.  A half inning after I had a seizure.  I have epilepsy and this is nothing new to me.  I was fine after my seizure but I had to go with the EMTs and explain that to them which took about another inning I could have been watching the game.

I had the feeling the whole thing was pretty conspicuous when it happened but I didn’t realized how much so till after the game when a few of the the Illini players came up to me and made sure I was I was ok.  Anyway, thanks guys!  I’m fine.  Just a bit sore.  And thanks to Robin and Chris for their help.

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