Haig intent on Illinois

Phil Haig

Phil Haig: Who’s in charge now?

Phil Haig had made up his mind.

I think.

The multi-skilled athlete has just signed a letter of intent for the University of Illinois last weekend. Not only does he play quarterback but he intends to try out for Hartleb’s baseball squad.

QB Clint Brewster renounced his intent to join the Illini and went with his father who joined the coaching staff of Minnesota. Haig, who is also a quarterback and saw competition on the Gophers, decided to go with the Illini. Did the Illini at least get a PTBNL?

Seriously, Haig seems like quite the athlete. I haven’t done enough research to know what position he’ll play for Hartleb’s squad but given his high school record, he should do well. At Henry Sibley HS, he was all-conference in four sports (football, baseball, wrestling and tennis).


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2 Responses to “Haig intent on Illinois”

  1. Interested in your thoughts about the Chief’s retirement. I’ve posted my thoughts and would like to hear what Illini fans are thinking, give me a shout if you get a chance. Nice page and post!

  2. Hi Tim,
    I’ve never liked the Chief. I haven’t worn anything with the Chief on it since my college days in the 80s.

    Luckily, the Chief never made an appearance during baseball games but i was annoyed when he started performing at Women’s BB games. I take my kids to those. Fortunately, we won’t be seeing it much longer.

    I understand that the Chief is very popular and means a lot to some alums and some students. I don’t want to take that away. There are also alums who are ready to let it go.

    I’ve had one on one conversations with native americans who think it find it disrespectful. I live in Champaign-Urbana and work on campus so I don’t need to go far to see that manifested.

    I have heard of a lot of people who say they will not donate to the U of I because of this. That makes me sad.

    Where are the priorities? Do people care so much about a mascot that they will withdraw support from their school over it? Wow.

    So, Tim, that’s how I feel. I appreciate you asking. It’s a tough issue.

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