Heartbreak in Ann Arbor

Scott Shaw

Let’s make one thing clear.  Despite what those of you looking the boxscore might be thinking, Scott Shaw pitched the game of his career.  I don’t know if we could have asked any more of him.  Shaw held the potent Wolverine lineup to one run three hits for six innings.

Unfortunately, it was seventh that got away from us. A double, an intentional walk to Big Ten Player of the Year Nate Recknagel, another walk… well it just got ugly.  Credit Michigan 3B Adam Abraham for coming through with the two-run single.

Three runs scored in the seventh and the Illini never recovered.

Michigan won 5-2.

Zach Putnam

Michigan starter (and DH) Zach Putnam was pitching just as effectively but we didn’t have the big inning on him as they did on us.  He struck out nine in seven innings and allowed 2 earned runs.

I also give some credit to the fans.  They came out in droves.  Michigan or no, it’s good to see fans supporting their college baseball team.

More photos from the game here.

I’m keeping this short because it’s time to go to the ballpark.  Illinois is playing Indiana in an elimination game.

They’ll be more later.

2 Responses to “Heartbreak in Ann Arbor”

  1. Just wanted to know what you thought about the interference call on Berset last night. I’m stuck in Chicago and everyone I’ve heard from has been a Michigan fan. It appears to have little effect on the outcome, but the rumors are that the umpires were awful all game. Not taking away from Shaw, but his wildness on the first pitch of each at-bat and the outside corner’s varying size might have been a big contributor to his success. I figure you might have a take on this as well.

  2. as for the interference call, I can see how Michigan fans (esp ones who weren’t there) could be upset about the call. But the right call was made.

    johnson got up, set and threw the ball to first. Only the ball hit the back of Berset’s head.

    Berset was standing in front of and to right of the batter’s box.

    This is the exact rule that applies:

    A batter is out for illegal action when…
    (c) He interferes with the catcher’s fielding or throwing by stepping out of the batter’s box or making any other movement that hinders the catcher’s play at home base.

    As for Shaw, I was mostly standing near the first base fence so I didnt get a good look a the balls and strikes. I didn’t hear anything like that here but that doesn’t mean the varying size didn’t exist.

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