Illini Dusty Bensko and the MLB draft

TBZ commentor ylees wonders why Illini firstbaseman Dusty Bensko wasn’t drafted this week in the MLB draft. I have to say, that question crosses my mind, too.

He led the team in homers with 16 and hit .317.

I contacted the News-Gazette sports department for their take on it and they were kind enough to respond with an opinion. Jeff Huth, sportswriter, and resident baseball expert says:

“I’m puzzled about Bensko. All I can think of is that he did scuffle a bit toward the end of the season, although, given his stats, I suspect teams really tried to pitch around him. Wouldn’t be surprised if some team signs him as an undrafted free agent after it determines which drafted players it can and will sign.”

I hope for Dusty’s sake that he’s right.

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