Illini Football deserves a nod

I don’t want too much time to go by without giving the University of Illinois football team their due.  They defeated #5 Wisconsin this past Saturday 31-26. 

There have been some lean years in Illini football lately though last year, there was no doubt it was an exciting team to watch. 

The profesors in my department had a $1 pool at the beginning of the season.  One person whether being optimistic or just being funny, picked Illinois to go 13-0.  At the time, we all had a laugh.  “That Joe, what a joker.”

Of course, Illinois has already had one loss (versus Missouri).  But maybe joker Joe wasn’t so far off. 

  kyle hudson

The two lives of Kyle Hudson

Juice Williams, J Leman, and Rashard Mendenhall are the big stars but keep an eye on Kyle Hudson.  I think of him of as the starting center fielder of the Illini baseball team but he’s a great wide receiver and punt returner for the football team, too.  Kyle led the team in receptions the past two years.

I met Kyle’s mom at the Big Ten Tournament earlier this year.  She told me how proud she was of her son.  She told me of Kyle’s busy schedule having to juggle football practice and the baseball season.  On top of that, she tells me he does well in school.

Go Illini! 

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