Illini shortstop Roof plays all nine positions in summer league game

A while back I posted that I got an email from Illini shortstop Shawn Roof while he was in North Carolina playing in a college summer league. In his email, he mentioned that he was trying to convince his coach to play him in all nine positions in one game.

Jose Oquendo, anyone?

Well, it looks like he may have gotten his wish. This Fayetteville Swampdogs press release announces that Shawn Roof to Play All Nine Positions on Tuesday.

Roof has played six positions already in regular play this season for the SwampDogs.

Shawn Roof will get a chance to play three positions that he has had little experience with throughout his baseball life. The last time Shawn Roof pitched in a live game was all the way back in his junior season at St. Mary’s High School in Paducah, Kentucky. The University of Illinois tried to convert Roof into a catcher during his sophomore year, but he only caught in two innings. Finally, Roof has never in his baseball career played center field.

Head Coach Darrell Handelsman had some glowing words for Roof:

“Roof has been our most valuable player and our most versatile for the last two years”. Said Head Coach Darrell Handelsman. “This will be a fun way of saying thank you to Roof for all he has done for the SwampDogs.

I’ll have to contact Shawn and find out how that all went.

As for the SwampDogs season, they won a league record 39 games. They went as far as the semi finals where they were defeated by the Thomasville Hi-Toms. For details, check out the SwampDogs website.

Congrats to Illini players Roof, Dom Altobelli, Aaron Martin, and Ryan Snowden for a great season at Fayetteville!!

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