Photos of Illinois Field’s turf installation

After work today, I thought I’d bop on over to Illinois Field and see how the installation of the Field Turf was going.  My place of work is only a couple blocks away so it’s convenient enough.  So when work was done, I trekked over the cemetery that separates me from Illinois Field.  I was in a hurry since dark approaches so much earlier these days and if I wanted any decent pictures, I wanted some of the sunlight left.

illinois field construction 084

Well, they are obviously getting some work done.  What was once an outfield now resembles a gravel pit.  There is no grass to be seen anywhere in the park.

illinois field construction 089

I had been told by University of Illinois team staffers that the field (particularly the outfield) was in pretty bad shape and they’re looking forward to the turf, aka Field Turf ™.

I have some more photos of the turf installation at the Baseball Zealot Photo Gallery.

By the way Cub fans, Wrigley Field is going under its own construction this winter.  Bleed Cubbie Blue has the photos.

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