Summer Plans for the Illini

Now that the Illinois baseball season is over, many of the players will be going on vacation, right?  Wrong.  Most of the returning players are off to go play in collegiate summer leagues. 

Twenty-four Illini are dispersing throughout the country and playing in a number of collegiate summer leagues out there.  Some of the Illini league favorites are among them.  The Northwoods League up north will be taking on nine of our Illini.  The Coastal Plain League in the southeast will have five. 

Some summer leagues are close to home, too.  This includes the Central Illinois Collegiate League and the Chicago Suburban Baseball League.

The Illini baseball page has a handy web page with a list of leagues and teams and where our players are headed this summer. 

Also, check out Summer Ball which is a blog dedicated to college summer leagues. 

Good Luck Illini!!

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