Things I see and people I meet at the Big Ten Tournament

Ray Fisher stadium, home of the University of Michigan baseball team, seems like a pretty decent facility. I (and at least one other person who I gave directions to) had a little problem finding the place partially because of all the construction going on and because I got some bad advice from a bus driver.

The construction is going on because they are renovating the Fisher stadium. Due date for completion is Winter of 2008. I like seeing money being thrown at this. It shows they are serious about the baseball (and softball) program. You can see the sign (and can actually read it) here.

There had to be at least 10-12 guys with pitching radar guns sitting behind homeplate. Like Pavlov’s dog, every time a pitcher go into his windup, uuuuppp go all of their radar guns in unison. I’m curious how many of them were legitimate baseball staff or scouts and how many were gadget freaks…

…not that there’s anything wrong with that.

I finally get to meet Brian DeCaussin from Big Ten Hardball. He and I have been in contact all season and he even did us an interview for Baseball Zealot Radio. I don’t think there is anyone who knows Big Ten baseball inside and out better than he does. We sat and watched the Illinois game in the “neutral” section. If any of you want some good info on Big Ten baseball,
check out Big Ten Hardball.

Finally, as I was talking to Mike Rohde, this gentleman comes up to me and says “Are you the Zealot? The guy posting all the pictures?” I told him I was. He told me he was Ryan Hastings’ father, Bryan and that he really appreciated seeing them. I asked if he had seen the nice one of Ryan signing autographs for the kids between games last weekend (it’s a good one). He said he hadn’t but he’ll get his wife to get online to check it out.

Well, Mrs. Hastings, I’ll make it easy for you, here it is…

…but to stay on topic how ’bout one of Ryan after scoring a run today?

Let’s get the Gophers tomorrow!

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  1. I am a good guy too. I just live nowhere near the Big Ten!!! :-)

  2. Hey Brian,
    Too bad, you’re missing a good tournament :)


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