Grand time watching some good olde fashioned base ball

The family and I went to Clinton, IL on Sunday and watched the Vermilion Voles take on the St Louis Perfectos. It was vintage base ball at its best. Here is my photo journal of the day.

The game was played on nothing more than a grassy field. To me that seems appropriate. It just wouldn’t be right for the game to take place on a modern diamond.

Umpire Jim Knoblauch is seen here going over rules. Jim, in the character of Irving Mortimer Blind (get it? I. M. Blind.) took time between innings to talk to the “cranks” (the fans) and explain some of the customs, rules and other interesting information.

The spokesman for the St Louis Perfectos made a quick speech thanking the Voles, the crowd and town of Clinton for hosting the game. The Perfectos each introduced themselves as well.

…and the Voles’ spokesman did the same.

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Here’s a look at the ball that is specially made for vintage baseball games.

The St Louis Perfectos were very distinctive in their very red stockings.

It didn’t take long before drama struck. Marty “Tumbleweed” Rife dove for a pop fly near second base and didn’t get up for a minute or so. The first aid person (the woman in blue) went out there but luckily he was ok.

This may be an exhibition game but any idea that these folks don’t give it their all was surely dispelled at that moment.

A striker waits for the ball from the hurler. The teams were made up of players ranging from their 20’s to well… let’s just say middle age and I’ll be safe. I have heard that these gents (and ladies, too) come from many backgrounds working in different fields.

A Vole striker pops one up to the second baseman. I don’t remember but this should have been a sure out since by 1858 rules, a fielder can catch the ball on one bounce and the striker is dead.

Keep that foot on that base! There are no steals and a runner may not take a lead.

A St Louis player just tallied a ace (scored a run).

Not so quick! First, he must get the scorekeeper’s permission then ring the bell before it counts. The St Louis Perfectos scored 12 aces to the Voles 4. Good game Perfectos!

After another quick speech by the two spokemen thanking and congratulating the other team, both teams raised their hats in unison and shouted “Huzzah! three times.

Good game, good game, good game..

A reporter from the local paper assembled the players for a photo so I grabbed my chance to take a photo myself.

If anyone is interested in seeing a vintage base ball game in your area, I would suggest checking out the Vintage Base Ball Asscociation’s web site. You might be able to find a team in your area. Also, see the Voles’ web site and the St Louis Perfectos’ web site.


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  1. Thank you for your kind words concerning the Match in Clinton, Il.

    Huzzah from the St. Louis Prefecto’s

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