The Stephen A Douglas Vintage Base Ball Tournament

Vintage Base Ball fans got a treat on Sunday when the Rock Springs Ground Squirrels hosted their annual Stephen A Douglas Vintage Base Ball Tournament.  It was an all day affair starting at 10am involving four teams including my fan favorite Vermilion Voles.

I got there in the afternoon and as usual, I had my trusty Canon with me.  Here are some of shots I got.  Click to enlarge any photo.

I arrived in time to watch the Deep River Grinders take on the Ground Squirrels.  The player in the second photo looks like he can really crank it.  Well, looks aren’t deceiving.  He took the ball deep to left-centerfield both times I saw him at the plate.

This lovely lady all dressed up was the scorekeeper for the Grinders-Ground Squirrels game.  She was nice enough to let me take her photo and even gave me a souvenir pin.

The folks in the Voles camp were passing this around so I had to ask about it.  Earlier in the day, the Voles defeated the Ground Squirrels for the FIRST time in the four years they have played them.  Yay!

“Hollywood” Bolton warms up before the game with the Sum Punkins

Here’s Shawn “General” Lee “laying the willow on the onion” for a hit.  Shawn is the webmaster for the Voles but doesn’t do too shabby on the field either.  He had two hits, a run and a rbi in the last game.  The General had a couple good plays in the field while playing first, too.

Shawn up to bat.  In the foreground is the arbiter or umpire.

The youngest member of the Voles is Dylan “Pup” Rife.  He was quite the hero of the game against the Sum Punkins with his excellent play at second base.

Finally, the Voles players thank their opponents with three Huzzahs!

I have tons more photos at TBZ Photo Gallery.  Check them out.  Thanks to the Rock Springs Ground Squirrels for a grand time!

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