Voles Ground up.. but a great time nonetheless

On Saturday (the day after we got back from vacation), I packed the family in the van and we headed to beautiful Kennekuk State Park. The Vermilion Voles were taking on the Deep River Grinders. The Grinders call northern Indiana home, by the way, which again shows the length (and miles) these guys go to play their games.

We got there about the second inning and the Voles already spotted the Grinders a 3 run lead.

A Vole hurler casts the onion towards the striker. A long fly ball sounds nice but remember that an out can be recorded by catching the ball on one bounce by 1858 rules. The way I see it, a hard grounded or a line drive that sneaks through is much preferable.

Maybe like what this striker is doing. The one bounce rule definitely changes the strategy of hitting.

Here are two of the Deep River Grinders waiting their turn on the bench. I would be remiss if I didn’t credit my 6-year-old daughter Olivia for these two pictures.

I have to say that every time I’ve been to these games, the players (on both sides) have been very friendly and fun to talk to. A couple of them struck up a conversation with my wife and my daughter while I was taking pictures. They were happy to answer our questions about vintage baseball. One Grinder player showed me all the places where he has been injured while playing (3 broken bones by my count).

Where does someone get one of these, I wonder?

The scoreboard says it all. I was hoping for a 13-run rally but it wasn’t goin’ to happen. The Voles lost 14-1. The most important thing is that everyone has a good time and that was accomplished.

If however, you enjoy playing baseball and the idea of vintage baseball intrigues you (and you live in the east-central IL area, of course), visit the Voles website for contact info. I’ll bet they won’t turn you away.

Upcoming action: On August 20, the Voles will take on the Deep River Grinders on the Grinders’ home turf in Hobart, Indiana. We’re actually planning to be in the area so the Voles will have some fans rooting for them.

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