Voles show the cranks a grand time

voles 050

The first ace is put up on the scoreboard.  The Voles are ahead!


On Saturday, the family and i went to see the Vermilion Voles take on the Deep River Grinders in some vintage base ball action. 


voles 054

Voles’ captain Jim Knoblauch who also took on the role of the arbiter


Seems to me that Voles’ captain Jim Knoblauch has been cracking the whip during practice because the Voles looked very sharp.  They won Saturday’s game 9-1.  They tossed the horsehide with ease in the field, making some really impressive plays. 

voles 052

Hurler Shawn Lee tossing his nasty stuff


Pitching for the Voles was Baseball Zealot bud, Shawn Lee.  Known as “the General” (that’s funny to me given Shawn’s easy-going nature), he took advantage of the good defense and kept the Grinders to one ace, a four-bagger that got lost in the weeds.

voles 056

A Deep River Grinder striker rounding third as Voles fielders look for the ball in the weeds


No doubt, Shawn cursed me after that one since I probably jinxed him.  Just the half-inning before, he and i were talking and I asked if any homeruns were ever hit. Not often, he said, “they would have to get lost in the weeds”

But that would be the only ace the Voles would give up and they would win handily 9-1.  Shawn even contributed three hits to the cause. 

The Deep River Grinders who hail from Hobart, Indiana are frequent competitors of the Voles and I’m sure there is a friendly rivalry between the two teams.  That said, the important thing from the cranks’ (fans’) perspective was that a good game was played by both teams and a good time was had.

I have a few more photos from Saturday’s game between the Vermilion Voles and the Deep River Grinders on the Photo Gallery (not as many as I’d like though as my camera card became corrupt and some photos I took didn’t come out).

Great job by the Voles and good luck next time Grinders!  For the Voles’ future schedule, see their website

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