No sense crying over spilled beer

My sister-in-law asked me, what it was like to miss seeing Buehrle’s no-hitter. “Was it like missing a really big sale at Nordstrom’s?”, she asked. “No, bigger”, I replied. “How about if I didn’t really have tickets to see Oprah?”, “No, bigger!” I then felt my eyes starting to get watery. That’s when it hit me, I’m a guy! Guys don’t talk about their feelings. We just bury them under beer. So I wasn’t gonna cry over spilled beer. I went out to the Cell to watch some baseball. Who knows, maybe I’d catch another no-hitter, the very next night.

It was a good game, wish the Sox fans would leave the booing of Sammy to the Cub fans. Joe Crede busted up a three-three tie with an RBI single, Rob Mackowiak hit a two run shot, and Bobby Jenks closed it out for a 6-4 winner over Texas. Scott Feldman the losing pitcher for the Rangers serves up alot of meatballs, don’t grab him for your Fantasy Team.

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