ARam went twice where AJ could only go once

Way to go Cubs!

Midway through the Cubs-Sox game today, A.J. Pierzynski had his mug on the on the front of’s website.  This was due to his fifth homer of the season which put the Sox ahead 3-1 in the third inning.  Meanwhile, Aramis Ramirez was just getting warmed up. 

Aram followed up a Derrick Lee solo shot with one of his own to tie the game in the seventh.  Two innings later, hit a walk-off homer against Scott Linebrink to win it all 4-3.


A.J. KOed by Wood!

A.J did have a chance with a runner in scoring position in the top of the ninth.  But AJ Pie got called on a swinging strike going just a little too far.   AJ wasn’t none too happy about that, throwing his helmet to the ground and neither was Sox manager Ozzie Guillen who threw up a dismissive hand.

A tough no-decision by John Danks who allowed just one run in six frames for the Sox.  On the other hand, the bullpen (this time Howry and Wood, who got the win) came through for the Cubs something they haven’t done in a few games. 

Let’s get them tomorrow!!

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  1. The game was lost when Thome pinch-hit in the 9th inning after Brian Anderson hit a leadoff double. Pablo Ozuna should’ve been sent up there to bunt the runner to third, instead the runner died at 2nd.

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