Blackjack’s a rocker

A friend and colleague of mine sent this link to a CD.  He found out about my interest in baseball and thought I might get a kick out of it. 


You see, my friend was in a band back in the day and one of his bands’ songs made it onto a CD compilation along with none other than former MLB pitcher Jack McDowell.  McDowell at the time was playing with a band called Stickfigure.  His song is called “Hey Man”. 

The CD is called Small, My Table and some proceeds are going towards Riley’s Hospital of Indianapolis. 

It brought back memories of back in the late 80’s (during the off-season), McDowell came down to play at the campus town club (the now defunct Mabel’s for C-U townies).  His band if memory serves, was called “Thrash”.  I wasn’t heavy into the music scene or anything like that but he had an ok sound. 

Music obviously has a pretty important part of Blackjack’s life if 15 years later, he was still playing (and putting out CDs). 

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