Crede gone from the Sox?

The downside of having Boras as an agent?  Or just a side effect? 

His locker has been cleared out… nameplate been taken down.  Joe who? 

"He’s not going be here for a little while," manager Ozzie Guillen said. "I don’t expect him to be back soon, at least playing. He’s not going to miss [time] playing and all of a sudden come here and play. That’s not fair for him, that’s not fair for the ballclub."

Dang, I bet Mariotti would have had something poignant to write about it.

It’s one of situations where even though it IS his free agent season, you still don’t want things to end this way. 

One Response to “Crede gone from the Sox?”

  1. This is an instance where Joe Crede should’ve signed with the White Sox before the season, rather than risk a bad back on a big payoff. Would it be too simple to just state the obvious? Greedy Crede!

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