Fat Freddy Enjoyed the WBC a little too much

He seems to be saying “Yesss!  I scored a dime bag!”

All kidding aside, White Sox pitcher Freddy Garcia was found to have violated International Baseball Amateur Federation anti-doping policy during his stint in the World Baseball Classic.  Marijuana was found in his urine.

Fantasy owners of Garcia don’t need to worry yet.  IBAF rules don’t apply in MLB.  Don’t hold your breath though.

However, violators of the rules can be suspended for two years from IBAF competition.

5 Responses to “Fat Freddy Enjoyed the WBC a little too much”

  1. this wouldn’t be so sucky if weren’t for the fact that I have him on my APBA team. If the mlb decides to get all “moral” and levy a penalty on the mlb level, that would hurt.

    He needs to get his ERA down. :)

  2. Mellow Pitcher

    The Baseball Zealot has the dope on Freddy Garcia at the WBC….

  3. I know I was the guy who authored the “Freddy’s Dead” writeup when Garcia went out there without his fastball, but this guy’s a battler & a winner. If MLB doesn’t catch him with their own BS drug testing program then I think they should just ignore the findings of the WBC. The reason I call it a BS drug testing program is because it’s so stupid & hypocritical. After all everybody knew steroids were all the vogue, just look at all the Roids out there (McGwire, Bonds, Sosa, Giambi, Palmeiro, just to name a few). Other juice candidates would have to be the Rocket, the Big Unit, Bagwell, Bret Boone, Jason Giambi, Adrian Beltre, & Furcal. I know the guy just died and it might not be PC to speculate, but where’d Kirby get all of his power all of a sudden, Gatorade??? I don’t think that I’m the only one to think a joint every once in a while is not a bad thing.

  4. The worst that can happen to Freddy at the MLB level is that they test him because they now have “cause”, and he fails. In which case he can be fined up to $15K, unless they find something other than marijuana, of course.

  5. “…unless they find something other than marijuana, of course.”

    Yeah, Scott.. not unlike the police officer who stops a car for running a light and finds drugs in the trunk :)

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