After watching baseball this past weekend on Cable at
my cottage in Wisconsin I’ve got a whole new meaning
for “throwing out the first pitch”. The lineups were
brought to me by Taco Bell and some other advertiser.
The pitcher’s scouting report was brought to me by
another sponsor. I learned how to prevent leakage and
not pee as often, also can shrink my prostrate. Turns
out a triple stacked beef burger from Burger King
should be my meal of choice. And Chevrolet might’ve
been better served waiting for the game to end before
announcing Aramis Ramirez as the Player of the Game.
They had a little egg on their face as Ramirez made
the last out of the game for the Cubbies, while the
REAL Player of the Game lives on the Southside of
town, a fellow by the name of A.J. Pierzynski!

2 Responses to “FIRST PITCH BY FOX”

  1. marketing in sports has become a little too much.. Two stories:

    a woman who brought a cup of yogurt into a tennis match at Wimbledon had it taken away from her because the brand was different than the corporation that was sponsoring the event.

    And at the World Cup, a man was forced to strip to his underwear because his pants sported a beer name, in direct conflict with sponsor Budweiser.


  2. Moxy Fruvous, one of my favorite bands, sang this little ditty on NPR a long time ago.

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