In the Lion’s Den

I got a call from fellow Zealot contributor and Sox fan Teddy Ballgame today.  He flew out to California to see the Sox-Angels playoff games.  As he put it, the Sox “might need my help out there”.

After the outcome of the first game, those of us back here in Illinois informed him that from the perspective of an Angels’ fan, the Sox don’t need any more help.

He’s staying at a hotel a mile or so from the park which translates to a $15 cab ride.  Irregardless, Teddy B says he’s having the time of his life.  The fans at the park are riding Umpire Doug Eddings pretty hard whenever they get a chance.  No surprise there.  Not one back down from a challenge, Teddy B says he went into his “Boo hoo” and “I heard they had good whine in California.” routine. 

I told him to be careful.  Not everyone has a sense a humor.


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