Jake to Chicago After All?

peavy The ball is in Jake Peavy’s court, he has a no trade clause in his contract, the White Sox have supposedly made an offer of Aaron Poreda, Clayton Richard, & two other pitching prospects for him, now it’s up to Peavy to decide if he’d like to pitch on the Southside of Chicago. Jake almost came to Chicago last season, the Northside, but the Cubbies couldn’t quite hammer out their deal. This might be one of those trades, which helps both ballclubs. The White Sox have been struggling, but are attempting to go for it, while the Padres are rebuilding in San Diego.

Putting Peavy at the front of a Sox rotation, which features Mark Buehrle, Gavin Floyd, John Danks, and Bartolo Colon, might be just what the doctor ordered to boost our drooping White Sox. The bullpen for the Palehose has been solid, the longball will come around, the team has good defense (especially when Jayson Nix is at 2B), but small ball will never be a part of this team’s arsenal. San Diego is still a long way from competing, but getting 2007 1st round pick Aaron Poreda, the lefty throws in the high 90s, and University of Michigan product Clayton Richard, would be a step in the right direction.

For those of you who say, Jerry Reinsdorf, Kenny Williams, & Ozzie Guillen don’t want to win. What are you talking about? But there are economics around running a major league ballclub, sometimes you have to let good players go, like, Aaron Rowand, Joe Crede, Jon Garland, & Javier Vazquez. Hoping that younger, cheaper, talent can get the job done, like, Brian Anderson, Josh Fields, John Danks, & Gavin Floyd. It’s a tough business, where hard decisions need to be made.


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  1. Not to be, Peavy nixes deal to Sox. The ballpark was a reason he didn’t wanna come here. I guess his precious ERA is more important than the wins he’d achieve with added run support.

  2. In 2009, the White Sox have scored 157 runs playing their home games in a band box ballpark.

    The Padres have scored 149 runs playing their home games in a pitchers park.

    I understand why Jake Peavy turned down the trade. And, IMO, it’s NOT the ballpark.


  3. DonS, Don’t be a HATER!!!

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