Pigskin Failings and Crede’s Continued Successes

I have Joe Crede on my APBA team and it seems that his stock has risen since the Sox postseason.  I keep getting offers for him (at least from one desperate Sox fan).

I missed a good part of the WS game tonight.  My 5 year-old daughter won tickets to the Illinois football game in a drawing at school.  The cynical side of me figured the original owner of the tickets had enough of the Illini this year already and couldn’t bear to sit through another game. 

Well, when we got there, Illinois was ahead 3-0.  A drunk fan a few rows behind us lamented, “The first pitch of the World Series and I’m stuck watching the Illni!”.  Way to show that school spirit, Mister.

Well, the 3-0 lead didn’t last.  Penn State ran rampant through the Illinois defense and our offense was non-existent.  By the time the kiddos got tired and were ready to go home halfway through the second quarter, it was 35-3.  Walking to the bus stop, we noticed we weren’t the only ones making an early exit.  There was a veritable crowd of people making their way home.  At least we had an excuse… we had kids.   We heard on the bus ride home that the score was 49-3. 

Final score Penn State 63  Illinois 10.

At least I made it back in time for Crede’s dinger.

2 Responses to “Pigskin Failings and Crede’s Continued Successes”

  1. Zealot,

    I’m glad you got to see the ILL-INI. You are a good and loyal fan. I know you would have stayed the “Whole 60” if it weren’t for little ones.

    Rashard Mendenhall did well in the fourth quarter.

    I get to at least one game every football season. This year’s game is Northwestern.

  2. DS,
    Yeah, I’d like to think I would. But boy, it wasn’t easy watching the Illini getting kicked around like that.

    I read the next day that a few of the Illini players had had enough too. They started throwing punches at the PSU players. That doesnt look good.

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