Went to the Cell for the first time this year to see if history could repeat itself, last year April 18th Mark Buehrle pitched a no hitter, I was there the day before/after the no-no, but wasn’t there the night of. This year, April 14th (my birthday, Greg Maddux’ birthday, and the BZ’s birthday – Happy Birthday to all), I wasn’t gonna miss it, even though it was a brisk 30 degree night. The day before it was a chilly Sunday, I watched it on TV, listened to it on radio, and the White Sox clubbed the Tigers 11-0, behind Javier Vazquez, and two grand slams (one by Paul Konerko & the other by Joe Crede). First time the Sox ever hit two salamis in Chicago, EVER! My timing seems a bit off.

Heading down to the Cell on the Red Line was like coming home again, it just felt right. As I was about to purchase my half price Monday ticket, a woman with an extra gave me a freebie, can’t beat it. I took my usual position 34 rows behind home plate, said hi to Dick & Bea (they own the seats right in front of where I stand), Mike (he runs the caramel corn stand behind home plate), and then Al & Anthony (father & son who come to quite a few games behind the dish). It was great to see everybody again.

Also in attendance was Jermaine Dye’s father (he always gets a big bag of caramel corn from Mike). Al asked JD’s Dad if he played in the NBA, Dye’s Dad nodded and said, with the Detroit Pistons.

The White Sox ended up losing 2-1, but you can’t beat fun at the old ballpark. Maybe I’ll have better luck tomorrow as I’m planning on doing a Red Line Doubleheader (Sox in the day, Cubs at night).

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