Sox fans rooting for the Cubs this weekend?

I’m not in the habit of reading White Sox blogs very often but occasionally I glance over at Southside Sox. While I was there, I noticed that the folks at (Cubs blog) Bleed Cubbie Blue have submitted a friendly poll on their site.

The essence of it was will you as a Sox fan be rooting for the Cubs this weekend? The intent, presumably, was to find out if logic and practicality would prevail over intense dislike of the Northsiders with the Cubs playing the Sox’ Central Division rivals Detroit Tigers.

Check out the current results here.

At this point, it doesn’t seem the Cubs are doing anyone any favors ‘cept the Bengals.

3 Responses to “Sox fans rooting for the Cubs this weekend?”

  1. What would rooting for those LOSERS accomplish??? They still lose!!! If they don’t win it’s the same, sing it Harry! BTW, Did you happen to catch Jeremy Piven swear when he said something like, “C’mon all you bitches!”, when he sang Take Me Out To The Ballgame.

  2. you mean this:

    stupid mcdonough.. issued an apology..

  3. I’m far from being a prude, I even plan my East Coast hotel itinerary around where strip clubs are rather than ballparks (cuz I know where I’ll be rolling in from after a long hard night), but I think swearing over a PA at a ballpark is unacceptable.

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