Sox GM’s Q&A a little tense at SoxFest

Boy, I almost wish I was a fly on the wall at Kenny Williams’ Q&A at SoxFest last weekend.

“We want answers,” declared one fan among a crowd that swelled to about 150 during the first day of the fans’ gathering.

“You don’t have a starting center fielder” and “somebody’s got some explaining to do,” were the other declarations at the start of a scheduled 30-minute session that was extended to 65 minutes.

To Williams’ credit, he apparently handled everything calmly. 

“I will take a risk on a high-ceiling players and jeopardize my reputation if I think that player fits into the equation and leads us to a championship if things go the way we think they will,” Williams said during a five-minute reply that finished with applause.

“If you leave here today, understand this: every move, every decision we make is in an effort to win a championship.”

Thanks to South Side Sox for their round up of media links about SoxFest.  I hope everyone who went had a good time.

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