White Sox: We Just Don’t Care Anymore

thome contrerasTrader Kenny Williams turned from a buyer to a seller when he dumped Jim Thome off to the Dodgers and Jose Contreras off to the Rockies.  These moves came when the team hit the skids, putting them out of the playoff picture.  It doesn’t seem all that long ago, we were breathing down the neck of the first place Tigers in the AL Central.  We picked up ace starting pitcher Jake Peavy, who just needed short rehab time in the minors before he’d be up, helping to lead the charge.  Then Williams went out and snatched talented outfielder Alex Rios from the Blue Jays, we were going for it, for sure!  But this recent roadtrip sealed our fate, losing six of seven to the Red Sox & Yankees, putting an end to any chance at postseason play.  It also spelled the end of the Jim Thome & Jose Contreras era on the Southside.  I’m sure there are many players on the current roster wondering if they might be next.

Jim Thome, a local boy, from Peoria, the fans took an instant liking to Jim, how could you not?  He’s a great guy!  Especially after getting rid of the moody, but talented designated hitter Frank Thomas, bringing on nice guy, Thome.  Jim’s Dad was a frequent visitor to the Cell, coming up to watch his son play, Peoria doesn’t get channel 26, so when the Sox were on that channel, making the trip was the only way for Mr. Thome to see his son play.  I still remember Mr. Thome celebrating with us on Elvis Night when Jim passed Reggie Jackson on the alltime home run list.  Mr. Thome exchanged high fives with us.  He even posed for some pictures, wearing Elvis big hair & Elvis glasses.  It doesn’t seem right that we should have to pay the Dodgers to take our hero, just to have him relegated to being a pinch hitter in LA.  All we got in return for the slugger was minor league infielder Justin Fuller and his career .242 minor league batting average.  It seems like an insult, to have to pay, and get a bum in return.

Former World Series hero, Jose Contreras, was also dumped out, like yesterday’s trash, to the Colorado Rockies.  Truth be told the Cuban hurler only had one year of success, which started the end of 05 and extended to the start of 06, other than that, he’s had some very rough outings.  One of the ugliest happened in Boston this current roadtrip, he mishandled a roller toward first, hit by David Ortiz, with two outs, the bases loaded, and Paul Konerko standing right behind him, ready to field the ball, the Red Sox went on to score six runs in an inning where they were going to be shutout, and went on to pound Contreras & Chicago.  At least Brandon Hynick, the pitcher the Sox got from the Rockies, has had some minor league success, going 16-5, with a 2.52 ERA in Class A+ ball in 2008.  Contreras is credited with helping Kenny Williams sign fellow Cubans Alexei Ramirez & Dayan Viciedo.

I was going to go out to the Cell the end of the year to watch our boys battle the Minnesota Twins for a three game set, but I don’t know if I’ll be there.  I don’t know how many of the current players will be there.  Kenny Williams has officially pulled the plug on the season, we were on life support, but now it is over!  Sad to say, but it’s time to pull my Chicago White Sox tee shirt, “They Just Don’t Care Anymore” out of the closet.

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