Rode the L to the Cell last night to welcome our returning conquering heroes back to the Southside of Chicago. The White Sox were returning from a very successful Westcoast roadtrip, which saw them close it out by sweeping the Giants.

It was crowded behind the plate as Tade, Al, Anthony, Rob, Vicki, and myself showed up to see Jose Contreras matched up against C.C. Sabathia. Mike, the caramel-corn guy, came by to say, he had Sabathia on his fantasy team and he was on FIRE!

Sure enough, Sabathia K’d the side in the first, which was expected. But what wasn’t expected was the screamer Carlos Quentin sent flying 415 feet over the centerfield wall, in between the strikeouts. Then Jim Thome, don’t tell me about the lefty-lefty matchup, knocked one out to give the Sox a two run lead after two.

Later in the game Alexei Ramirez, filling in for Juan Uribe, booted a grounder that would have ended the inning, but instead allowed Grady Sizemore to bat with the Tribe down by one. Last year Grady would’ve parked it, but not this time, as he struck out to end the threat.

The bullpen was great again, with Matt Thornton getting a comeback doubleplay grounder, Octavio Dotel striking out the only batter he faced, and Scott Linebrink & Bobby Jenks throwing scoreless innings. All the while the Sox offense tacked on a couple to make the final 4-1. Pablo Ozuna drove in a run with a soft single to right with the bags juiced and Nick Swisher didn’t swish, but rather hit a grounder that drove in another. Ozuna was in for Joe Crede who was tossed after arguing that home plate is not ten feet wide. In two at bats Crede was called out on a ball six inches off the inside corner and then on a pitch six inches off the outside corner. He was ejected when he said, “Mr. Umpire, Sir, I beg to differ”.

Jose Contreras was in control of this game from the start, setting the tone, and you really got the feeling right for the start that he was not going to lose it.

Maybe the White Sox will win all of their games from here on out, what are the odds? What are the odds the Bulls would get the #1 pick in the NBA Lottery Draft with only a 1.7 percent chance? Being a season ticket holder for over 30 years I’m very excited about the possibility of getting point guard Derrick Rose!

One Response to “WHO ARE THESE GUYS?”

  1. haha, i bet Crede was a bit more argumentative than that.

    the last time i went to see the Sox with you, Teddy, CC was on the mound for the Tribe as well. I don’t remember who won but I do remember you and my daughter singing Go-go white sox!

    You’ll take any opportunity to brainwash her. :)


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