Riding the Redline to the Cell I observed that Zorro boarded my train and was wearing a White Sox shirt under hit black cape, also he was not wearing a mask, and a sword was nowhere in sight. Imagine my surprise when he turned to me and said, “Hi Tedd”. Turns out he used to play softball for me on a Theatre League Softball team I used to coach called Tommy Guns. Truth be told I had a hard time identifying this guy dressed as the Gay Blade. Turns out his getup was really Father Southside, who knew? Another former softballer Jim “Cicero” Grillo was also on the train, along with Bob (Bob & his wife Sandy run Tommy Guns). Tommy Guns Garage is a speak easy that will bring you back to the roaring twenties and a time of gangsters in Chicago. I highly recommend a trip to their joint, especially on St. Valentine’s Day, when they reenact the massacre (with tommy gun machine guns a blazing).

It was Latin Music night at the ballpark. The Salsa music was booming and so were the hips of the dancers who could not sit still to the driving rhythm of the beat. I listened to the band outside gate 4 as I waited for CLuke and his family coming off the L. We proceeded inside, got off the elevator on floor one, and took our position next to Nancy Faust’s booth (Nancy wasn’t there, as she only works day games, thanks to Brooks Boyer, no thanks Brooks!). Caramel Corn Mike & his brothers loaded us up with a delicious mix of cheesy popcorn & caramel corn. I ordered up a Miller Lite and an ice cream bar, can’t beat ballpark food. That said, I must admit that the Cell has some of the best ballpark food you can find. They have hot dogs, brats, kosher dogs, hamburgers, Polish, Italian sausage, chicken, garden burgers, veggie hot dogs, Mexican food, corn, churros, Dippin Dots, popcorn, caramel corn, cheesy popcorn, pizza, pretzels, peanuts, and of course Crackerjack.

Bottom of the first inning CLuke & I were discussing how the White Sox would make out without Carlos Quentin. Quentin broke his hand, slamming his bat into the bat rack, and pretty much will be lost for the rest of the regular season & probably the post season as well. All of a sudden we couldn’t hear one another as Ken Griffey, Jr. lined a two out, two RBI, bases loaded single off Dustin Moseley to put the Good Guys up 2-0.

Then in the bottom of the 2nd CLuke & I resumed our discussion of how it was really going to hurt the team with Carlos being out, especially considering Joe Crede also might not see action again this season due to a bad back. That’s when his replacement, Juan Uribe set off the exploding scoreboard with a two run homer to left, that put Chicago up 4-0.

Once again in the bottom of the 3rd we tried taking up our discussion of how Chicago would make up for losing all this offense, when Paulie Konerko set off the scoreboard again with a shot to left. It certainly is tough talking over all these fireworks. Then in the same inning, with two outs, Uribe once again was up to more of his pyrotechnic antics, sending another two run bomb into the leftfield seats. Now with Mark Buehrle tossing a shutout, up 7-0, our discussion of where we’re going to find more offense took on less importance.

There was a strange play in the bottom of the 6th inning. With Konerko on 1st & Jim Thome on 2nd, and one out, Griffey pops to Angels catcher Mike Napoli, the infield fly rule is called, the popup drops in fair territory, Thome & Konerko start running(?), Napoli fires to third, where Brandon Wood steps on 3rd, and fires too late to doubleup Griffey. But because Griffey was out on the infield fly, the runners weren’t forced to run, meaning Wood needed to tag the fleet footed Thome, and thus the Sox had runners on 2nd & 3rd with two outs. Mike Scioscia came out of the dugout, the umpires gave Scioscia a crash course in Baseball 101, explaining the Infield Fly Rule to him, and Mike returned to his seat on the Halos bench. Of course Alexei Ramirez came through with a soft two out single, which plated two more runs, making it nine zip.

Standing beside us was a nice guy who turns out to be the editor from ESPN.COM named Thomas. Thomas had never experienced the New Comiskey (the Cell), was in the area to cover Saturday’s ND football game, and decided to take in a baseball game on only two hours of sleep. He is a professional, don’t try this at home, watching a baseball game on only two hours sleep is extremely dangerous, as you may fall asleep standing up. Luckily he had CLuke & Teddy Ballgame to stimulate his mind with intriguing trivia, like name three HOFers who started and finished their careers in the same cities, but with different teams. They are Babe Ruth (Boston Red Sox/Braves), Willie Mays (New York Giants/Mets), & Hank Aaron (Milwaukee Braves/Brewers), let me know if there are any others. Thomas came up with one saying Barry Bonds & Rich Aurilia have the highest single season home run mark of two teammates, pending verification.

I may be a little biased toward baseball, but I think the clash of two first place baseball teams is a better story than the Notre Dame vs South Dakota State football game. It was great hanging with Thomas, who’s pretty much lived all over the place from San Diego to Austin to Bristol. He grew up in Michigan and was extremely jealous when I explained how I was partying in Waupaca with Brian Rafalski & the Stanley Cup.

William (I call him Bill), the BIG beer vendor, stopped by to ask, “Who should be more nervous?”, see Bill is a Cub fan. The Cubs were down big to the Reds and destined to keep their losing streak intact. I just kind of smiled, a beer fan interrupted us, before I was forced to answer.

Buehrle came out after six innings of shutout ball, before turning it over to the bullpen. It was good to see Scott Linebrink, just off the DL, throw a scoreless inning. Jermaine Dye made a nice diving catch to keep this game a blowout, it happened in the top of the 7th, with two on, two out, in a 9-2 game to get D.J. Carrasco out of a jam.

Phil stopped by to say hello and we high fived each other as we boarded the elevator to the L to take us home after a 10-2 win.

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