Cubs Haiku

Cubs win. (Cardinals lose).

The NL Central is theirs.

The world is right now

Apologies to any poets out there. Aram and Theriot both got 4 hits today in the 13-6 thrashing. Let’s not forget that Dempster got the win and is now 3-0 on the season. That to me is the amazing thing. And he’s doing it with grace with a slender 3.00 ERA.

By the way, the redhead is back. He was called back yesterday and E-Pat was sent down. And Murton didn’t waste time making his presence known. Ok, he went 1 for 6 but he got 2 rbis (his first of the season). Are the Cubs serious about Murton or is this a stopgap while Soriano is healing? I say, this is an opportunity to show him off then see what we can get for him. It doesn’t seem like the Cubs are serious about his future with the team. Has he reached his potential with the Cubs?

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