Baseball and Marriage

Put this in the “Now That We’ve Solved All Other Problems" category…

The University of Denver Center for Marital and Family Studies has found that divorce rates are lower in cities that have a MLB team

Specifically, the study looked at cities before they acquired a team and afterwards. 

A new study from the centre looking at divorce rates before and after cities got Major League Baseball teams is fascinating in its implications. The study showed that cities with major league baseball teams had a 28 percent lower divorce rate than cities that wanted major league baseball teams.

University of Denver psychology professor drew some rather interesting conclusions from this study:

“Going to a baseball game and not talking about relationship issues, but rather having fun and talking as friends is one of the ways to protect and preserve love,”

So go to a baseball game and don’t talk about those nasty relationship issues.  That’ll only get you in trouble. 

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2 Responses to “Baseball and Marriage”

  1. You don’t have to be married to enjoy a baseball game, believe me!!!

  2. no but you do need to be at a ballgame to avoid marital issues. :)

    hmm when’s the next Illini home game? ;-)

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