Fake Umps Take Center Stage at Wrigley Field

fake umpsWatching the Cubs host the Diamondbacks at Wrigley this weekend I couldn’t help but notice the extra umpires seated behind home plate.  Turns out the fake umpires are Tim Williams & Joe Ferrell, two traders on the Toronto Stock Exchange, in Chicago on business.  It was their seventh big league appearance.  They bought their seats, but received several complimentary beers from nearby fans.  It’s hilarious, they actually call the game, even down to reaching into their pocket for a baseball & acting like they’re throwing it to the pitcher.  The fans are particularly delighted by their strike three calls.  Although MLB has instructed their umpires not to engaged the pair, they secretly admire their act, so do the players & the fans.  Popular umpires?  What will we see next!

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