Obama: you mean he’s REALLY a Sox fan?


I captured this from a video from CNN of our president-elect in DC this week… wearing a White Sox cap.  All that talk from before wasn’t just campaign posturing?

I can imagine the Sox fans now.  First the 2005 World Series… now a Sox fan in the White House.

Sure, give them more sense of entitlement.

2 Responses to “Obama: you mean he’s REALLY a Sox fan?”

  1. At the age of 12 I became a White Sox fan in 1968. Only once did my team win more than they lost, until the 1977 Southside Hitmen, but lack of pitching brought their season to an end, still it was exciting. Then Tony LaRussa’s 1983 team behind Ron Kittle, LaMarr Hoyt, & Richard Dotson made their run, only to see their hopes dashed by Tito Landrum. Ten years later they made another run behind Frank Thomas, Jack McDowell, & Alex Fernandez, but came up short once again. Another explosive Sox team burst on the scene in 2000, behind Frank Thomas, Magglio Orodonez, Carlos Lee, Paul Konerko, Ray Durham, & Jose Valentin, but the bats went Sleeping in Seattle in the playoffs. Then FINALLY in 2005 all the pieces fell into place & the Chicago White Sox beat the Red Sox, Angels, & Astros to win the Chamionship! It’s been a long struggle, but I wouldn’t trade any of it in. Sometimes a long hard journey makes the good times all that much sweeter.

  2. geez, i was just teasing there buddy.

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