Speedsters with low OBP


Let’s take a look at stolen bases and on base percentage. 

Here are the players with the lowest OBP with at least 50 stolen bases in a single season.

                         OBP   SB
    1 Bert Campaneris    .278  52 1972   
    2 Vince Coleman      .285  50 1994   
    3 Omar Moreno        .292  60 1982  
    4 Miguel Dilone      .294  50 1978  
    5 Omar Moreno        .295  53 1977   
    6 Bert Campaneris    .297  55 1967   
    7 Jose Reyes         .300  60 2005   
    8 Mookie Wilson      .300  54 1983   
    9 Vince Coleman      .301 107 1986   
   10 Bert Campaneris    .302  62 1969   

This list is rife of leadoff men (I’m going on memory but I’m pretty sure they all led off for their respective teams) but still couldn’t get the job done when came to getting on base.  

They say you can’t steal first base but from a stat point of view, what these guys was pretty amazing (if not self-serving, see #9).  These men got on base some 30% of the time (plus errors etc) yet still managed to steal an ungodly amount of bases. 

If you think Bert Campaneris is over-represented in this list, check out the full list.   Campy comes up #11, too. 

No, you can’t steal first base but when these guy DID get on, you could be pretty sure you had a man on second by the next batter. 








3 Responses to “Speedsters with low OBP”

  1. It’s funny how perspective influences your view, I can remember when Campy Campaneris played SS for the A’s and how he was their MVP.

  2. It was no knock on Campy necessarily (read the last line). Besides from all accounts, he was great in the field.

    Good in a brawl too :)

  3. btw, who is that in the photo with campy? John Milner?

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