A Rose is a Rose

This goes under the rumor mill category.  You know, a guy heard from a guy.  Neverless, it’s interesting.

I was talking to my distributor this afternoon.  He’s a die-hard Cubs fan and we often catch up on the latest Cub news between placing orders.  Turns out one of his co-workers just got back from Vegas.  He was hanging out at Caesar’s Palace and who should he see from afar but Pete Rose

Oh, the irony of it all.

My friend is actually planning to go to Vegas himself.  He’s planning to catch a Cubs game if he can get tickets.


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2 Responses to “A Rose is a Rose”

  1. I saw Pete Rose on Bill Maher’s Show a week ago from Caesar’s Palace. I think Charlie Hustle has some kind of a shop there.

  2. “Show me a rose, and I’ll show you a Ship at Sea,

    “Show me a Rose, or Leave me Alone.”

    Trivia: Anyone know who wrote that song?

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