Improbable Stats: Darren Oliver

I was doing some research on another project and ran across this gem. 

Not only does Angel pitcher Darren Oliver have a career winning record (a pretty sizable one at that with a 104-82 record) but he is 17-3 in his last five years.


Year Wins Losses
2006 4 1
2007 3 1
2008 7 1
2009 3 0


not what I expected on either count. 

One Response to “Improbable Stats: Darren Oliver”

  1. Not only did Darren start turning around his record, he also has turned around his ERA. Darren went from 1995-2004 with his ErA never dipping below 4.20.

    Since 2004 his ERA has never been above 3.27!!
    How come it took the Angels to figure out that Darren was a terrible starter- among the worst and an incredibly productive left arm out of the pen.

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