Oops! MLB goofs on Chicago execs’ names

I noticed this on MLB Radio’s web page today:

roland hendry

I wonder where that puts Jim Hemond…

One Response to “Oops! MLB goofs on Chicago execs’ names”

  1. Teddy, I don’t mean to ruin your Christmas, but I hope you saw this little blurb buried in today’s Tribune:

    “Guillen has said he doesn’t foresee using Rob Mackowiak in center field anymore. Barring another move, that means the Sox probably will carry two of the four currently in the center-field picture: incumbent Brian Anderson and challengers Ryan Sweeney, Jerry Owens and Luis Terrero.”

    All those Macowiak jerseys you have are kind of obsolete now. :-)

    Roland Hemond? Everyone knows that Hawk Harrelson is the GM for the Sox.

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