Jim Thome

Oprah Winfrey

I couldn’t believe it when I heard Jim Thome was in Oprah’s audience. It gets MUCH worse! Dr. Oz was on talking about vah-jay-jays (Oprah’s term, not mine). Then they said it was like a self cleaning oven down there. How embarrassing!!! Thome was there with his wife, but admitted he was sure to take some good natured ribbing from his teammates, OH YEAH!

At least Jim was in the audience, the other day I saw a clip where ARod was on the Martha Stewart Show, promoting his new children’s book. Rodriguez told how he got sick while watching the Superbowl. Alex said, it wasn’t because he wanted the Bears to win, but he would have liked Tom Brady to have been playing in the Big Game. ARod was wearing the same pink shirt he was wearing when we shared an elevator in KC, couldn’t he just burn that shirt?

Followup: Sorry for barging in on your post, TB but I thought I’d post a link to the video. It’s quite funny. -TBZ

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